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Running Coach


Ben is a Running Coach and Functional Exercise Specialist committed to reducing pain and injury and increasing pleasure and performance. Ben has seized the opportunity to coach runners across the UK, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and North America.

Ben works alongside medical professionals in New York and London and has coached over a thousand runners to skilful technique and healthier feet. In 2012 Ben worked alongside a top musculoskeletal specialist as a master trainer for the American Council on Exercise in New York.

Ben specialises in efficient running technique analysis, balance and postural evaluation, coaching, training plans, and foot health.

Ben is fascinated by applying the practical application of movement science to the art of coaching. Developing an understanding of movement skill, running technique and foot health is crucial for pain free living.

Ben works with all ages and abilities, from the beginner just starting out to the elite athlete looking to enhance their performance.

The most effective training program is specific to you and your history. Running with skilful technique and progressive training should be a pain free pleasure. Give yourself the opportunity to run injury free and at your best.