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Running Injuries

Running Injuries We Treat

Qualified sports injury specialist team

Knee and leg

The knee is a common cause of pain for runners. It’s often caused by muscular imbalance or incorrect technique. It’s important to consider the entire biomechanical chain to get you better and to keep it that way.

Running injury treatment

Foot and ankle

From plantar fasciitis to hallux valgus we can help. Our injury specialists and coaches can help identify the cause of the problem and give you the correct treatment, providing not just a short term relief but lasting effect.

Runners Hip Treatment London

Hip and Pelvis

Playing a crucial role in stability and force transference the hip and pelvis provide the essential connection between the upper and lower extremities and have a large impact on injury risk and performance.

Runners lower back treatment london

Lower back

We offer numerous types of lower back pain therapy from a qualified therapist to help eliminate pain. Thorough assessment and coaching may help correct your technique that could be predisposing you to injury.