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Nutrition For Runners

Tailored nutritional plans

Created using our nutritional assessment process
Why is nutrition so important for runners?

Nutrition is a key component for success whether you are a recreational and/or elite level runner. It is also the one aspect that is heavily neglected, with most people just doing a quick google search on what they are supposed to eat. This approach is sub-optimal and will give you sub-optimal results. Here at “the running coaches” we put all of our clients through an in-depth nutritional assessment process. This is so we can find out exactly what works for the individual in-front of us instead of prescribing generic guidelines. All our nutritional methods/plans are tailored to the individual.

Here are some of the key nutritional aspects we look to achieve for our running clients who use our nutritional services.

Key nutritional aspects:

Here are some of the key nutritional aspects we look to achieve for our running clients who use our nutritional services.

  • Fuel to be a healthy human being with the ability to function naturally, sustain weight and energy levels throughout the day
  • Avoid injuries and illness from training stress by consuming adequate calories (energy from food) and macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates and dietary fats
  • Fuel longer workouts and become more efficient at storing and using energy on the go
  • Figure out what “fuel mix” works best for you so you can absorb and use energy well
    without gastric issues

Our nutritional plans are periodised (meaning they are modified and progressed) and work in sync with our clients training programmes. We also design specific supplementation plans for our clients. This is to eliminate the possibility of any nutritional deficiency’s, aid performance and help the body deal with the stress that comes with long distance aerobic work.

Assessment process:

This consists of identifying your past and current training, nutrition, medical history, lifestyle and work commitments. This information will allow us to structure and tailor your bespoke training, nutrition and supplementation programme around YOUR lifestyle and specific circumstances.

Initial Nutritional & Lifestyle Analysis:

You will be required to keep a food diary of exactly what you consume over a seven day period. This information will allow us to accurately ascertain how much you’re currently eating and what positive changes need to be made. This will ensure your nutritional protocols will be specific and tailored to YOU and not generic guidelines and food pyramid charts.

Nutritional Programme:

The nutritional protocols we use will differ greatly over the full length of the programme, with each phase building upon the last. Our clients nutritional plans are designed on the cutting edge nutritional software iNutrition pro. The nutritional plans will break down exactly how many calories, macronutrients, meals and fluids you should consume during each stage of the programme.

Supplementation Programme:

The supplementation programme will outline any suspected nutritional deficiencies and we will recommend any specific nutrients that could aid your performance.